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Technical Information

Technical Information

MAQ W-proof 100MAQ W-proof 150
GeneralSquare/slanted and Curved fascia Square/slanted and Curved fascia
MaterialEN AW-6063 T66 EN AW-6063 T66
Powder coating 60-80 micron 60-80 micron
Anodizing20 micron 20 micron
Head Box (WxH) 100×100 150x150
Bottom bar 54x2854x28
Side channels 48x4048x40
Coupling side channel under constructionunder construction
Maximum size 4000×2700 6000×2700
Max. 2 part coupled 6000×2700 joinable
Manual YesNo
Installation method Surface mount., outside, in front of window Hidden, reversed box, on top of the window Surface mount., inside, in front of windowSurface mount., outside, in front of window Hidden, reversed box, on top of the window Surface mount., inside, in front of window


  • Compact cassette system manufactured for outdoor use
  • Touch yet elegant construction
  • Wind-proof systems
  • Quiet operation
  • Designed to control light, heat, glare and penetration from insects
  • Zipper tensioning system prevents fabric from wrinkling
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low maintenance required
  • Bottom rail incorporates brush for seamless connection to the window sill
  • W-proof screen 100 can be coupled to adjacent panels for larger widths
  • Room darkening fabrics are available
DSC_0808 1



  • Head box is made from aluminum extrusions
  • Head box “end caps” are made from alloy castings
  • Fasteners are stainless steel A2 and A4
  • Tube is made of thermally galvanized steel or aluminium from alloy castings
  • Several bracket configurations are available
  • Shade adapters made of durable plastics
doekro staal met doek


Side channels

  • Two-piece extruded side channels of high quality aluminum extrusions
  • PVC zipper guides
  • Neoprene rubber dampers ensure fabric stays taught
  • Can be mounted to the window or onto the side wall (Screws are not visible from the front.)
  • Each side channel is equipped with an PVC inner-rail to compensate to wind gusts.
  • The symmetrical zipper is welded onto the fabric which slides in the H-PVC side channel.
aluminium zijgeleider met kunststof geleider


Bottom rail

  • The bottom rail is made of extruded aluminum and is weighted with galvanized steel rods
  • Dimension of Weight bottom rod: ø18 mm, weight: : 2 kg/lm
  • Dimensions bottom rail: 58 mm H x 28 mm D (excl. darkening strip)
  • W≤ 2 m: ø22 mm; 3 kg/lm
  • W> 2 m: ø18 mm; 2 kg/lm
  • The weight is covered with PE foam to prevent contact between aluminum and steel
  • This bottom rail is assembled with plastic end caps which are available in 4 colors; white/grey/black/cream
  • A plastic strip is also included to seal the trim onto the window sill
onderrail met gewicht



All screens are made from one piece of fabric unless the height is greater than the width of the fabric roller. If this condition exists, the fabric would be railroaded and a welded horizontal seam would be used to join the two fabric sections. All fabrics are semi-transparent and are made from Fiberglass, (fire class M1) or Polyesther. This type of fabric is resistant to heat and humidity.

  • Fabric is available in 8 standard colors
  • Special order fabrics are also available
  • Weight (fiberglass fabric, semi-transparent): ± 535 g/m², thickness 0.55 mm
  • Max. 4000 mm wide and max. 2700 mm high in 1 piece
  • OR max. 3000 mm wide and max. 3500 mm high in 1 piece
  • Coupling of 2 screens is possible up to 6000 mm in width (maximum 2 sections)
Stafab colors 1



  • Electrical: using a 110 OR 230 VAC tubular motor, without manual override
  • All motor connections are included for each complete system
  • All power supplies and wiring are included in the complete system
  • Control options and accessoirees include remote control, wall switches, emitters and sun /wind sensors
WSERD50 detail 1



 MAQ Standard Ral Colors:

White   Ral 9010
Creme  Ral 9001
Beige  Ral 1001
Brown  Ral 8019
Anthracite gray Ral 7016
Black Ral 9005
Natural Anodized



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