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Measuring, production and installation:

Measuring, production and installation:


 meetlint Measuring correctly is the basis for a successful and complete project. Regardless of the application, this measuring requires good knowledge and experience with the product . Be sure to have the right tools and familiarize yourself with the installation instruction prior to performing your site measures: Measuring Instruction>>. waterpas


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“High quality sun protection screens”

MAQ incorporates the most modern, automated equipment, the highest quality of components available and proven production techniques in order to provide the best value and highest quality of sun protection screens available today. Our motors meet all current technical requirements and have obtained international certificates including CE, TUV, VDE, UL, FCC to meet strict requirements in each country that we export to. All components are covered by a 5 year Quality warranty!


Installation manual>>

Limit setting mechanical>>

Guide for WSER electronic motor, limit setting>>

Guide for WSEC electronic motor, limit setting>>

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